What Sets You Apart?

What Sets You Apart?

We recently heard from the MBA that lender profitability is at record lows. Obviously when lender profits are down, that means that they have less money to invest in technology, which impacts vendors, as well. So, how can technology vendors continue to thrive? In an article called, “Loyalty: The Key To Consistent Victory” by John Maxwell, he puts it this way:

“March Madness got its name because the NCAA basketball tournament provides stunning upsets each season. Unpredictability is big part of the tournament’s appeal. At any point in the competition, an unknown squad can suddenly catch fire, hitting shot after shot, to knock off a heavily favored opponent. However, if you were filling out an NCAA tournament bracket from 1967 to 1973, then you should have chosen the same champion every single year. Coach John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins won seven consecutive titles! No other men’s collegiate team has won more than two NCAA tournaments in a row.”

Why did John Wooden’s teams win so often? Obviously, they had talented players, but what set UCLA apart from the competition was their commitment to loyalty. UCLA’s players were intensely loyal to their leader, Coach John Wooden, as well as to their fellow teammates.

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