Walt Disney and Your Business

Walt Disney and Your Business

What kid doesn’t know of Mickey Mouse? What kid doesn’t love going to Disney World? Walt Disney has created so many good family memories for all of us, but we can learn even more from him. In the article “5 Magical Tips Walt Disney Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Marketing” by Adam Toren, I found out just how Disney can improve your ability to effectively market your company.

Think about it, while Disney recently made headlines with Frozentaking home the Oscar for best animated feature (a first for the 91-year-old Disney Animation Studios), the legacy left behind by Walt Disney goes far beyond the face value of his films, parks and stories. One of the things Disney was so great at was the art of marketing. His story is one of a true entrepreneur, a rags to riches tale, that lives on to inspire the generations of entrepreneurs and his own employees who have come after him. From creating the first full-length feature-animated film Snow White to inventing the multi-plane camera that helped him achieve his early film success, Disney had a brilliant mind.

Here are five of Disneyland’s best marketing tricks that every entrepreneur should study and apply to their own business.

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