Don’t Get Beaten

Don’t Get Beaten

In today’s ultra competitive market, companies have to realize that they have to get better or they’re going to get beaten. By beaten I mean they’re going to lose market share and they won’t be competitive. Going further, if they aren’t in compliance with the new rules they may cease to exist all together.

In order to get better you have to have a top team. No one person can do everything. In an article that I read by Jon Gordon, he gave five simple strategies that I think are very poignant. These tips will help you respond to new market dynamics and continue to get improve as a company.

If you think about it, this industry is all about people — it’s about people that feel passionately about mortgage lending. Well, I’m here to tell you that passion is great, but if your team doesn’t get results all the passion in the world can’t help you these days. Here’s how to build a great team:

Best selling author and consultant Jon Gordon shared what he called the 5 C’s that leaders and teams can focus on to build a better team. Here they are:

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