Be a Better Marketer

Be a Better Marketer

The social media trend is here to stay, but how do you take advantage of this trend to grow your business?

I recently read an article entitled “Why the Best Marketing Teams Embrace Process” by Wade Foster that’s worth sharing. In the article he talks about how marketing experts love to create new ideas and concepts, but many have difficulty creating on demand. As a result, he contends that the best marketing teams embrace process as a way to continually execute great marketing campaigns. Here’s what he means:


Process has been around for a long time. Perhaps the most popular, modern example of using process effectively to drive results in business comes from Toyota in the 20th century. Under the guidance of American statistician William Edwards Deming, Toyota transformed the way its manufacturing facilities built cars. This system is what led to Toyota’s dominance in car markets and even put American car companies in severe jeopardy in the late 2000s.

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