Are You a Playmaker?

Are You a Playmaker?

As the CEO of a company you have a lot of responsibility. In a lot of ways the company will sink or swim based on the decisions of the CEO. However, there’s more to running a successful company. The CEO can’t do everything, so the best CEO assembles a good team and passes things off strategically to what John Maxwell calls the playmakers.

As a leader your effectiveness, and ultimately your legacy, depends on identifying “playmakers”—leaders who will take what you pass along to them and do something extraordinary with it. Let’s look at some of the qualities of a playmaker.

1) Likeability

Entrust important leadership assignments to teammates with stellar people skills. Likeable people possess a friendliness and charm that naturally attracts others to their side. People want to work with them. Their pleasantness defuses tensions and helps makes for an enjoyable work environment.

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