Excel Like Apple

Excel Like Apple

Yes, the mortgage market isn’t easy, especially if you’re a technology vendor. Lenders are still going out of business so there are fewer clients for which to compete for. However, there is opportunity to be had in this market.

Everyone knows how successful Apple is. The fact is that technology companies in this space can learn a lesson or two from Apple.

Let’s take Apple for example. Who wouldn’t like to be Apple? They make great products, consumers love them, competitors fear them and they make a ton of money. In the article “How Apple Disrupts Markets and then Goes on to Dominate” by Greg Satell and Tim Kastelle, they note that for all that’s been written about Apple, nobody’s been able to emulate them. What’s more, little more than a decade ago, they were on the ropes. At one point Michael Dell said he would just shut down and give the money back to the investors.Steve Jobs’ secret wasn’t that he saw what others could not, although he certainly had vision. What made Apple special was that he had the discipline to not do what others would. He limited himself to developing one new product at a time and focused his energies on building out existing products and platforms. That made all the difference. Read more

Published In Tomorrow’s Mortgage ExecutiveBusiness Strategies, March 2012