Words Are Not Just Words

Words Are Not Just Words

The saying “actions speak louder than words” certainly has meaning, but this phrase shouldn’t be used to discount the power of the spoken and written word. Words matter. How many times have you gotten into an argument with someone only for them to throw back some words at you that you said weeks prior? It happens all the time.

How does this discussion relate to your business? Perhaps the most impactful and immediate delivery of your corporate brand is conveyed through the tagline. Your tagline should be a very concise statement that communicates your core positioning at a glance. A tagline should be simple and memorable and typically three to seven words in length. Depending on the brand objectives, a tagline can be, descriptive and explain what the business does, emotional and create a tone or feeling about the business, or informative and state a fact or be inspiring in that it can act as a call to action. Here are some tips.

Surely you want to stand out. Your tagline is your first opportunity to differentiate from the pack. A memorable tagline can be used to articulate your company’s vision or unique sales proposition, convey essential qualities of your brand character, emphasize a compelling customer benefit and align your brand message with your target market.

But taglines aren’t all you need. There is no silver bullet. However, when used in conjunction with marketing and sales campaigns, a tagline can extend your brand message, enhance its perceived value and help you forge a stronger connection with prospects and customers.

For example, businesses often have names that do not particularly resemble their products and services, so a tagline can help clarify this. The general rules of creating a world-class corporate tagline are as follows:

>>Keep it short and simple. A tagline should be no more than 10 words. You don’t want this to be War and Peace, you want it to say something loud, clear and concise.

>>Be positive. We just finished a political midterm election so you may be used to seeing negative ads, but that’s not what you want to be known for. People like positive statements and you want people to think positive thoughts when they think of your company.

Be interesting. Your company’s tagline should spark interest. Don’t be boring. For example, take this tagline: Delivering Services End-To-End. That may be what you do and you may want to associate yourself with being end-to-end, but is that really unique? Is that going to make someone think? Is that going to make you stand out? I don’t think so.
>>Think timeless. You don’t plan to be a fly-by-night company, you plan to be a lasting institution. Your tagline might be around for many years. So, make it memorable.

Words are important. Words tell a story. So, choose your words carefully as you craft a tagline that will truly differentiate you in this very tough marketplace.