What’s Your Vision For Personal And Industry Advancement?

What’s Your Vision For Personal And Industry Advancement?

According to John Maxwell, vision determines the direction of the team. When a leader communicates a vision clearly and contagiously, team members gain confidence because they know where they’re going and why it’s important to get there. Casting vision successfully requires both emotional and logical transference.

In my history, I’ve come across several high-powered executives that have a great vision. In their mind they know where the mortgage industry is headed and they are on a mission to get the industry moving in that direction. Sounds great, right? Well, it can be great if done right.

Here’s what I mean: the electronic mortgage will transform our space for the better, so technology vendors go out there talking about being data driven and going green, etc. That’s all fine and good, but the lender is just interested in return on investment, for the most part. My point is that you have to both tap into the emotional and logical end of an argument to make your vision a reality.

You might ask: What is needed to transfer a vision emotionally?

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