Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business (Part Three)

Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business (Part Three)

As we continue our discussion on LinkedIn, I wanted to share some actual selling techniques with you. I hear a lot that this vendor or that lender isn’t making their numbers. Why? They’re not being creative. You have to use every tool at your disposal these days.

In the article “21 Days to Master LinkedIn,” I came across some really solid advice. LinkedIn is not just a way to connect with people, it can be a business opportunity engine if it is used well. Don’t believe me? Here’s what I mean:

Use LinkedIn as part of your meticulous pre-call planning. I think its an incredible way for me to get inside my prospect’s head by getting a feel for how they think in the groups, perhaps they link to a blog etc. You can follow companies and the handy dandy RSS feed is a way for you to organize your data via a reader. This is a great way for you to get the inside track.

Let people get inside your head by using the applications such as amazon bookshelf, slideshare and links to your blog. People buy from people they trust. One of the first steps towards trust is familiarity. Make sure you give your network every opportunity to experience “Brand You.”

Cross pollinate your efforts by putting a link to your LinkedIn profile in your e-mail auto signature. Whenever you connect with someone always do your best to immediately connect with them on the other venues where you participate. For example, when I connect with someone on LinkedIn, I immediately check their profile for their Twitter info.

Lastly, status updates matter. This is a great way for you to stay on your network’s radar screen. For example, some people put inspirational quotes in their status updates. Others will put a link to a timely article, links to articles and blogs you have written. The key here is to stay on the radar screen.

See what I mean, LinkedIn really can get you more business.