Use Content To Get New Business

Use Content To Get New Business

Everyone wants to succeed in 2018. How do you make that possible? One way is content marketing. In the article “How To Move Customers to Buy With Content Marketing” by John White he says that solid content marketing strategy is critical to your company’s success.

How do we make more sales? Companies everywhere are asking themselves this most basic yet fundamental question as the new year approaches.

Consumers are greater informed, and they have more choices on how to spend their money than ever. Getting them to buy your product or service takes some serious skill.

To get them to buy, you need to move them to take action.

Your content should be attractive to get people’s attention. This can be achieved by having eye-catching visuals in your content. Another way to do it is by crafting a show-stopping headline that will make them stop scrolling and click.

Then, to keep their attention, your content must be compelling, and it needs to educate the buyer about something new and exciting. People love to learn. If your content lacks value and is nothing more than a pitch, it will turn most buyers off.

Buyers want to make a connection with the companies they do business with. So humanize your brand with your content whenever possible. Use storytelling with real examples of how your product or service solves actual problems and improves lives.

Research over the years has consistently shown that emotional response has more influence on buyer’s behavior than the claims made within the content. In other words, if people aren’t feeling it, they’re not buying.

Your content should make buyers begin to envision themselves using your product or service. This is a critical step, and if you don’t get past it, you won’t make a sale.

Next, consumers want to know how the product or service gets delivered to them. If you are selling a furniture set and part of the visual people get when envisioning buying is them spending their entire weekend assembling it, they will not be moved to buy. Make sure that your content reassures buyers that the setup will be quick and easy, and that it won’t cause significant disruption to their lives!

Buyer advocacy is one of the best ways to get others to make a purchase. Encourage your existing customers to comment on your content. We all know that FOMO (fear of missing out) is a massive trigger for buyers these days. When your existing customers comment, it validates the claims made within your content.

While price alone is not enough to make people buy these days, they do want to feel like they are getting a good offer. Your content should make the buyer feel like they are spending their hard-earned money wisely.

Remember, there are lots of places people can buy. You don’t want to warm them up to the idea of buying your product or service only to have them shop around because the offer you presented did not make them feel good about spending their money.

Your offer should have a little bit of scarcity associated it with it. In other words, after consuming your content, buyers should feel like your company is the industry-leading expert and they can’t get exactly what you are offering them anywhere else.

Always be thinking about SEO with your content marketing. Create content that is written for SEO using strategic keywords placement within the content that buyers are likely to use when they do a search online. When someone goes to Google or Bing, they have intent and an expressed interest in your product or service.

Creating fresh content that tells your company’s story is the best way to connect with buyers in today’s market. Your content marketing is what makes your business discoverable on the Internet, and getting it right is vital to your success.