Tweaking Your Brand in 2014

Tweaking Your Brand in 2014

In today’s marketplace, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate between competing companies. Your brand can help you stand out.

In an article that I recently came across entitled “Leading Brand Trends For 2014” by Robert Passikoff, he points out that the number 14 is associated with forward movement, new methods of experience, opportunity, and personal engagement, a good omen as to the course the world of consumer outreach and brand marketing will follow next year. A company’s unique brand will become a significant factor in making the choice between one company and another.

For marketers and brand managers who want to stay ahead of that trajectory, analysis and insights from Brand Keys’ validated and predictive loy- alty and engagement metrics, collected from over 100,000 consumers this year, identify 14 critical trends that will become brand realities in 2014:

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