Top Technology of 2009

Top Technology of 2009

As January is quickly approaching and the end of 2009 is in sight, it provides a great opportunity to review and reflect upon some of the most talked about technologies of 2009. In 2009 there were a number of innovative technologies that were either introduced or gain market acceptance. In looking back here are some of the top technologies.

Social Networking

Social networking allows companies to build a community of followers. This community allows them to gain insight into their prospects’ wants and desires. It also can be used to proactively influence people and their decision making, act as a medium for advertising and a powerful tool to drive web traffic for their products and services.

The social media technology tools that are most frequently used include: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook to name a few.

1. The Site that Ate the Internet
2. FarmVille
3. Twitter Fail
4. Getting the Last Laugh
5. Rewriting Your Rights
6. Facebook: Read the Book, See the Movie
7. Michael Jackson vs. Barack Obama
8. Breast Practices
9. Unfriend (Verb)
10. Gatecrash-Gate

1. Ashton Kutcher
2. Neil Patrick Harris
3. Iran
4. Oprah
5. Shaquille O’Neal
6. Larry Johnson
7. Tracy Morgan
8. Pete Hoekstra
9. Cory Booker
10. Miley Cyrus

Mobile Apps

Companies are starting to realize the power of mobile device applications to drive home their brand message while improving the customer experience. Consumers have become fascinated with mobile “apps”, due in large part to not having to go to a mobile browser to access applications and the ease at which application can now be downloaded and used. In fact, Apple’s iPhone and iTouch have lead the way with more than 1 billion downloads of free and paid “apps”. The number of “apps” available on iTunes has increased from 1 to over 50,000 in less than a year. Apple now has over 100,000 apps in its online store.

1. Tweetie 2
2. Yelp
3. Slacker
4. FlightTrack Pro
5. Mint
6. SlingPlayer Mobile
7. The Small Chair (McSweeney’s)
8. RunKeeper
9. Mobile
10. Locavore

Use of Video on the Web

With the enhancements to web services and increases in band-width capabilities, 2009 saw a significant increase in companies using video to increase brand awareness, demo product capabilities, and market products and services. Companies incorporated video on their websites, in blogs, in emails, and through mobile devices to tell their story.

1. The Longest Way 1.0 — One Year Walk–Beard Grow Time Lapse
2. Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version
3. Deadline: Post-It Stop-Motion
4. Slate V: The All-Star Celebrity Rant
5. Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson’s Wedding
6. Susan Boyle
7. David After Dentist
8. All the Single Babies
9. Flutter
10. United Breaks Guitars

Mobile Wi-Fi

What if you could experience the power of the Internet without driving around looking for Wi-Fi access from the local coffee shop, or having the expense and limitations of using cellular modems? What if you could eliminate those outrageously overpriced Wi-Fi fees from hotels and convention centers? Gone would be the days of paying ridiculous Internet fees for one of your employees to have Internet access at your trade show booth. What if you had a personal Wi-Fi cloud that followed you anywhere that your active lifestyle took you?

Verizon Wireless launched the Mi-Fi 2200, made by Novatel. The Verizon MiFi 2000 is a credit card sized unit, which enables five Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect at the same time to the Internet at broadband speed. This personal Wi-Fi cloud can be shared among devices such as laptops, netbooks, iPhones, iTouches, gaming devices such as PSP’s and Nintendo DS’s and among other users.

The lists could go on and on with additional technology such as those introduced between the battles of Google and Microsoft with the likes of Bing, Chrome, Silverlight, etc.

What were your favorites for 2009? How many of these technologies have you purchased and implemented? What is your top technology for 2009?

What were the top mortgage technologies introduced in 2009? What mortgage tech had the greatest impact on your business in 2009? Share with us your thoughts as we reflect on 2009.

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