The Death of PR

The Death of PR

I’m sure all of you have read the headlines stating public relations (PR) is dead. Everyone is telling you that with all of these new technologies and social media platforms PR, as we know it, is dead. Well ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that those stories that you’ve read are wrong.

Sure, there are a lot of new networks and avenues to distribute content that are thriving. There is a lot of talk about social media, self publishing, blogging, etc. All of these new mediums are great, but none of that means that PR is dead. Does PR have to evolve as a result of these new mediums? Most definitely.

However, at the end of the day, what doesn’t go away is the fact that content is still king. Going further, because there are so many new places where that content can be published, companies need even more help generating quality content that adds value to their prospects. To be honest, not many companies have the staff to do this, and PR professionals are more skilled at telling a valuable story that resonates with your audience.

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