Social Media ROI (Part Two)

Social Media ROI (Part Two)

Last week I started telling you about an article entitled “7 Ways To Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Paying Evangelists.” I want to continue that conversation. We all know that social media is booming, but how do you use it to generate new business? Last week I shared three tips from the article with you and related them back to the mortgage business. This week I want to clue you in on the remaining four tips. So, let’s get started.

First, the article says, “Social media is more about quality rather than quantity. Whether it’s your followers, profile content or interaction with followers, quality matters more than quantity. Be mindful not to overload your followers with useless information. Instead, make a conscious effort to provide quality information in an easily accessible manner. If it’s not easy to access or read, it’s definitely not quality information.”

You want to add value to the lives of your followers. Think: Why do they care about what I’m saying? How am I benefiting them? The more great information that you put out there, the more leads will come back to you. Quality matters.

The article goes on to say, “Never spam your followers with unsolicited messages promoting your business. It’s likely to bring disrepute to your business. Spamming your users with too many links to rapidly drive up your social media fan base is a bad idea. Such followers are definitely not going to sign up as customers for sure.”

How much spam do you get? Too much. You don’t like it, so don’t do it others. As I said earlier, quality matters, not quantity. Don’t think that you have to send 1,000 tweets to be effective, for example. Instead, send fewer quality tweets that enhance the understanding of your followers.

The article goes on to assert that, “social media demands authenticity from all parties involved – whether it’s business owners or followers. If your followers doubt your authenticity, they will jump ship faster than you can imagine. And it’s not just authenticity, humility and honesty is equally important. People love to interact with businesses that they like and who are like them. Being honest, open and humble helps transition your social media followers into paying evangelists.”

Nobody likes a phony. You have to be real and sincere. Essentially, you have to be yourself. You are creating a brand, your brand. That brand is an extension of your company, but people need to relate directly to you.

Lastly, the article advises, “Don’t’ be afraid to try out new things to impress your followers. Many businesses have leveraged exciting new tools such as Groupon coupled with social media to tap the collective buying power to give businesses exposure and guaranteed customers. Further, it may be a good idea to conduct Meetups every once in a while to come face to face with your customers. Or perhaps, conduct a webinar or publish a free eBook to help your followers.”

Social media isn’t easy, but not much in life is. You have to be deliberate and organized about executing your strategy. But don’t delay. There is a lot of business to be had if you know how to get it.