How Effective is your Company’s Sales Presentation? Part I

How Effective is your Company’s Sales Presentation? Part I

Selling is not easy. To be an effective salesperson, you have to be persuasive so that you can influence your potential client into purchasing your products or services. Today’s prospects are now wiser and more savvy when sitting in on the typical sales presentation. To continue to grow your business and add new clients your company’s sales presentation must effectively differentiate your products and services from the competition.

How effective is your company’s sales presentation? When was the last time you actually sat in on a sales presentation? We, at NexLevel Advisors work with numerous customers to improve their sales effectiveness and closing percentages.

Most sales presentations begin with PowerPoint slides that focus far too much on the “what” and spend very little time on the “why”. The “what” is typically all about how great your company is, how long you have been in business, number of clients, names of premium clients. A laundry list of your product features and functions is typically provided in excruciating detail. This is usually followed by a number of slides on the knowledge of your staff, its expertise and how your customer support is the best in the industry. In most sales presentations this takes up as much as 75-80 % of the presentation, leaving only 20-25% on the “why”.

The “why” is the reason that the prospect should listen to the presentation and more specifically, what is in it for them. How would their company benefit from your products or services? What challenge or opportunity are your products or services specifically solving for them?

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