Do You Need A Tune-Up?

Do You Need A Tune-Up?

I know you may think getting started with social media is a drag, but it is becoming a must-do.

Sure social media is new and uncharted to some extent, but why miss an opportunity to grow your business? Other industries are making good use of social media, so why not mortgage? I think it’s because a lot of executives in our space just don’t know what to do.
As I was reading this white paper called “Social Media Tune-Up” it got me thinking. What a great concept. When your car gets sluggish you take it in for a tune-up. Why should social media be any different? So, let’s talk more specifically about what you need to do.

First, let’s tackle Twitter. There is a certain nuance to Twitter; it’s much different from Facebook for example, and tends to attract a more diverse mix of active consumers waiting to learn about the newest products and latest trends. It is pivotal for companies to understand these nuances so they can craft an effective and interesting Twitter presence.

Here are some tips:

  • Use your Twitter handle (@yourcompany) to promote your brand
  • Twitter users who fill out their bio have over 6 times as many followers than those that do not
  • Use non-diminutive words such as “expert” or “guru” for your job description that show your authority and expertise
  • Set up a page that lists all twitter handles of employees in your company
  • Those who embed links to their blog, company website and other social networks on their twitter have 6 times more followers than those that do not

If you think about it this way, it is important for you to establish a relatively casual atmosphere on your Twitter account. This will create a more informal, personable and comfortable relationship with potential customers that encourages frequent engagement with your brand.

People on Twitter follow influencers and key experts in the industries in which they are interested. It is vital for you to establish relationships with industry leaders so that their followers (your potential customers) can learn about your brand through a resource they trust. Following thought leaders will help you find the inspiration for your own content creation and give you a chance to get
in touch with active consumers in your industry. Read more