Are You Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Are You Ordinary or Extraordinary?

We are raised to believe that we can accomplish anything in life and that extraordinary is what to strive for. Unfortunately, as we progress through life and life’s challenges, we begin to believe that extraordinary is something far off in the distance that becomes unattainable. I could not disagree more.

In an article entitled “The Distance Between Ordinary and Extraordinary is Shorter Than You Think!” by John C. Maxwell, he asks:

What do you think of when I say the word “ordinary?” These are the words that come to my mind: Common. Usual. Normal. Boring. Average. Something you see every day.  What about “extraordinary?” I think of: Amazing. Incredible. Uncommon. Unusual. Special. Above average. New.

In the English language, only five little letters separate “ordinary” from “extraordinary:” extra. And while “extra” can be defined as “outside,” in English it also means “just a little bit more.”

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