• The Man Behind Growing Companies

    The Man Behind Growing Companies

    Michael Hammond is an entrepreneur, business leader, and thought leader, he has extensive experience in Financial Services and more specifically financial services technology, and held prior executive positions such as CEO, CMO, VP of Business Strategy, Director of Sales and Marketing and Director of Marketing for a number...

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  • LinkedIn As A Business Generator

    LinkedIn As A Business Generator

    People think of LinkedIn as just social media, but it’s not. LinkedIn can help you grow your mortgage business if you use it wisely. You have only a few seconds to make a good impression with your LinkedIn profile. Here’s how to create a profile that immediately captivates your audience. Be consistent with your name,...

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  • The Power Of E-Mail

    The Power Of E-Mail

    When you talk about e-mail, you usually don’t equate it to a way of bringing in more revenue. That’s a mistake In the article entitled “A Guide to Cold E-Mailing” published in the Harvard Business Review, the author notes that cold e-mailing is harder than most communication for two reasons. You have no relationship...

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  • Reputation Matters

    Reputation Matters

    Your reputation matters in the mortgage industry. If you want to be successful in business you have to have good character. In an article entitled “Character” by Jon Gordon, he said that if you asked 100 people how important character is to build a great team I bet at least 95 would say it’s essential.

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  • Technology Won’t Solve All Of Your Problems

    Technology Won’t Solve All Of Your Problems

    There is a lot of talk in the mortgage industry about technology and innovation. Surely the mortgage industry needs to both innovate and automate, but this strategy alone will not solve all of the industry’s problems. In the article entitled “Carnegie’s Wisdom on Mining for Gold” by Lee Colan, he says that in today’s...

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  • Being A Trusted Advisor

    Being A Trusted Advisor

    Mortgage is a service business. We are looking to serve our clients the best way we can. In order to do that, you have to be able to ask the right questions and get the right answers from our employees.  Mortgage is a service business. We are looking to serve our clients the best way

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  • The Rules Of Innovation

    The Rules Of Innovation

    We always talk about how the mortgage industry is in need of innovating. Progress In Lending hosts the Innovation Awards each year to reward those companies that are moving the ball forward. But when it comes down to it, I think a lot of companies may struggle with how to innovate and how to move

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  • How To Perfect Your Branding

    How To Perfect Your Branding

    Every few months there’s another super hero movie hitting theaters. So, when I came across the article “Superhero Strategies for Nailing Your Branding” by Kyle Zagrodzky, I was immediately interested to learn more. The article argues that “branding” is one of those buzzwords that’s used so often, its meaning...

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  • Getting That Big Customer

    Getting That Big Customer

    Every mortgage technology company is looking to get that big customer. They want a top 50 lender. This doesn’t have to be a fantasy. There is a way, but you can’t become comfortable. Many small business owners have developed a comfort level with the clients they serve. They’ve found the “goldilocks” position of...

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  • Ask Yourself: What Makes You Stand Out?

    Ask Yourself: What Makes You Stand Out?

    Every financial services provider these days is “best in class” and every new offering is “leading edge.” Some vendors think they have to hit on these phrases in order to succeed, but success will really come when you can define how you’re different and unique. In an article entitle “4 Ways to Stand Out and...

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